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Easter Holiday Menu 2018


Easter Lamb Cakes - 39.00 serve 8 - 10


Chocolate Lamb cake covered in tiffany blue, white or yellow buttercream with a chocolate dipped head and a sweet iced face







Easter Cake Rolls - 21.99 serve 8 - 10

A moist, rich banana cake rolled with caramelrum buttercream or Confetti cake rolled with sweet vanilla filling


Mimosa Cups - 5.50 each

Pink champagne cake layered in clear footed cups with raspberry jam and mandarin orange bavarian mousse


Chick Cake Pops - 3.00 each

White cake pops decorated like cute chick faces                                                                                             








Lil Peeps and Lil Buns - 12 count pack 18.00

Mixed pack of mini white and chocolate cupcakes with yellow iced peep faces, pink iced bunny faces

Lil Chicks - 3.50 each


Sarah Bernhardts in assorted Easter colors


Pastry Peeps - 5.99 each

Peep shaped lemon cakes dipped in spring yellow tinted white chocolate holding a mini fondant wedding cake








Petit Fours-3.50 each

Egg shapes in assorted flavors


9" Pies- 21.99

homemade and hand rolled crust filled with rich custard

Easter Carrots-3.99 each


Carrot cake slices topped with cream cheese and dipped in white chocolate


Cake of Many Colors -16.99


4" Pastel tinted vanilla cake layers alternated with fruity flavored buttercreams


Easter Baskets -16.99


4" chocolate cake layered with fudge filling featuring a chocolate buttercream basket design with a handle and bow filled with Easter candy

Easter Bunny Heads -16.99


4" Sweet vanilla layered white cake sprouting foam bunny ears, a sleepy bunny face and soft marshmellow tail

Lop Eared Geeky Bunny Faces -14.99

Flavors include champagne with raspberry buttercream white with sweet vanilla and chocolate with salted caramel


Velveteen Rabbit Slices - 5.50


Slices of cake roll either chocolate with chocolate buttercream or white with white buttercream Buttercream shaped ears  All dipped in white or chocolate chocolate



Pastel chocolate dipped coconut macaroons - .85 each

Jelly Bean adorned thumbprints - .85 each

Scottish Shortbread in assorted shapes - 2.00 each


Easter Menu is available now through Easter Saturday 

Some available to walk-in customers  Some only on custom order


Orders accepted til 6 pm Tuesday, March27

Pick up from

10am to 6 pm Friday, March 30

10 am to 2 pm Saturday, March 31


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